Cyclamen - Pink

When selecting this winter-blooming houseplant, choose one with lots of buds that are just starting to open and sturdy, succulent leaves.

Cyclamens will bloom near the Christmas season and continue blossoming for two to three months.

Give Cyclamens bright, indirect light, fresh air, good humidity, and moist soil without keeping the tuber so wet that it rots.

  • Place plant in an east window or a southern exposure. Day temperatures of 60°F to 65°F and nights at 50° to 55°F are ideal. Do not let temperatures get about 70 degrees or the plant will think it’s time to go dormant.
  • To keep the plant moist, water cyclamen thoroughly when the soil looks and feels dry on the surface, however, avoid watering the leaves or tubers in the center, which may rot if it remains too wet. A safer method is to place each pot in a saucer of water for about five minutes, or until the soil is uniformly moist. 
  • As each flower fades, remove the entire flower stalk from where it attaches to the tuber by giving it a sharp tug. New flowers will emerge from one of the many buds waiting just below the foliage.